About Jersey Art Book Fair

Jersey Art Book Fair 2024 (JAB Fair) takes place February 3-4, 2024 in Jersey City, NJ

Dense Magazine is pleased to present the second annual Jersey Art Book Fair, a two-day event that celebrates the broad art form of bookmaking. Set in the state where the offset press was first invented, Jersey Art Book Fair – JAB Fair for short – believes that print is alive and well, thanks to a movement of artists, writers, designers, publishers, small presses and printers that continues to thrive: from bookbinding, screen printing, paper making and letterpress printing, to zine making, broadsheets, graphic novels, pop-up books and print ephemera.

For two days, Jersey Art Book Fair will host over 100 exhibitors and dozens of events, exhibits and festivities that span the full breadth of the art publishing community. JAB Fair is committed to expanding this community by removing barriers to access and elevating underrepresented voices. We hope to draw a wide range of exhibitors, including students, artists, collectors, and book lovers. Examples of priority audiences include BIPOC, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, underserved geographic and knowledge areas, and non-native English speakers.

Illustrations/design by Martin Flores

About Our Paper Peepers

The communities of people who create and collect works in print are a passionate and diverse bunch. We lovingly call these people "paper peepers” and you’ll see them crawling across every aspect of JAB Fair. Thanks to the creative genius of Martin Flores, a New Jersey born graphic designer, our family of paper peepers reflects the expanding universe of art book aficionados. He describes the process of creating them like "mining my memories, from librarians who shushed me to diner staff who slipped me extra fries, there's tons of Jersey types to capture.” 

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A Look Back at JAB Fair 2023

"Hosting the inaugural Jersey Art Book Fair at Mana Contemporary was one of the true pleasures of 2023. There was a diverse group of exhibitors who journeyed from all over the country to participate in what I saw as a celebration of unique publications, storytelling, and the art of bookmaking. The crowds that came said it all - people will always have a love affair with the unique, the feel of the handmade, and the look of non-mainstream design. I cannot wait to see what Dense has in store for 2024!"

Kele McComsey, Director

Mana Contemporary,

Jersey City, NJ