2024 JAB Fair Exhibitors

Announcing This Year's Roster

We're excited to welcome over 100 book artists, independent publishers and small presses from the US and Europe, and representing emerging and established practices across genres.

#blkgrlswurld Zine 

*Sat Only*

Table #12

#Blkgrlswurld ZINE is an award-winning indie publishing house based in New York City since 2014. The press celebrates a global community of Womxn of Color that enjoy heavy music genres like Metalcore, Hardcore, & Punk. Books published by #blkgrlswurld have been collected & sold all over the world.


4th Wall Comix

Table #83

4th Wall Comix is a micro-press founded by Jesse Lambert, in Jackson Heights, NY. It publishes nonfiction comics created by Jesse on public health, culture, history, and memoir. 4th Wall comix features the titles, American Cult, COVID Chronicles, Ananda, and Clement Greenberg, Abstraction, and Me.



Table #33

A. T. Pratt is a cartoonist from NYC who writes, draws, and self-publishes comics, zines, art books and paper crafts of all shapes and sizes, often including handmade special features like pop-ups and fold-outs. The publications range in genre from autobio to horror and everything in between.


Accent Sisters

Table #51

Accent Sisters is a speakeasy Chinese bookstore, publishing studio, and art space with its main location on 150 Bay Street in Jersey City and a Manhattan outpost, the Temple, on 9 Monroe Street in Chinatown



Table #28

ad:Nihilum is a personal micropress founded by Ada Z Shen. Based in NYC, ad:Nihilum produces self-publishing zines and prints, focusing on nature inspired motifs, collective memory and the poetics of experiences. ad:Nihilum features a selection of titles include Biophabet Book, Alice and Metaphor.


Alex Luciano

Table #21

Alex Luciano is an illustrator, printmaker, and riso enthusiast based in Richmond, VA. She uses risograph printing to create books and prints featuring her sculptures, drawings, and more.


All Street Gallery

Table #68

All Street is a community oriented gallery and multimedia art collective holding space for exhibitions, experimental productions, and creative gatherings with locations in the East Village and Chinatown. Our aim is to give opportunities and support the work of artists from marginalized communities.


Ally Chen

Table #41

Ally Chen is an illustrator and designer produces on risograph printing and zines.


Amy Burns Books

Table #23

Amy Burns is a Jersey City cartoonist, illustrator and bookbinder. Amy Burns Books publishes comics, zines, greeting cards, illustrations, stickers and hand-stitched blank books. Her work centers chronic illness, disability, mental health, and cute absurdism.


Angela Huang Art

Table #19

Angela Huang is an illustrator and designer based in Jersey City who produces zines and prints using diverse mediums such as risograph and silkscreen. Through her visual storytelling, she aims to create art that is approachable, experimental, and fun for people to engage with with all age.



Table #95

anti-bone is a queer publishing platform founded by Taehee Whang, based in Richmond, VA. We produce publications after the dual-meaning of “anti-bone,” rooted in East Asian physiognomy and a social phrase meant to convey rebellion. We embrace this contrarian spirit, the physiognomy of a “traitor.”


Ash Wei *Sat Only*

Table #56

Ash Wei, a designer and book artist based in Boston and Chicago, specializes in typography and editorial design focused on letterpress and mushrooms. This time, Ash Wei presents a selection of publications, including "Fungi in New Jersey", "Fungi in Massachusetts", and "Letterpress Refuses to Die".



Table #26

BELLY ACHE is a collaborative project between Gabby Lee and Ryan Faherty. Based between Boston and NYC, BELLY ACHE produces books derived from their mixed media and sculptural practice. Featured titles include belly ache, very heavy, gutter, pile up, and pile up II.


Biscuits and Gravy

Table #48

Biscuits and Gravy is an artist collective founded by photographers Maureen Drennan, Tim Eastman, and artist Jennifer Grimyser. Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, we are currently featuring a selection of documentary photography books and fine art handmade artist books.



Table #7

Body&Forma is a collaborative design house founded by Chen Luo and Chuck Gonzales. Headquartered in Boston and New York. Their work focuses on research, writing, and unlearning strategies that reevaluate and reconnect with cultural tradition.


Bored Wolves

Table #44

Bored Wolves is an independent publisher run by poet Stefan Lorenzutti and Joanna Osiewicz-Lorenzutti, based in Kraków and the Polish Highlands. We are dedicated to publishing artist’s books, poet’s books, zines, and comix, with many of our titles blending and overlapping these categories.


Bridge & Tunnel Crowd

Table #46

Bridge & Tunnel Crowd is a seasonal periodical that connects disparate culrural, political, and socio-economic tendancies from the margins of the cosmopolitan center. Published in New Haven, CT since 2019 and printed in part on Risograph in Jersey City, NJ.



Table #70

Yaoting Wang is an award winning illustrator,comic artist,book maker,character artist and visual development artist based in NJ.



/3standardstoppage studio

Table #47

Bungee Space goes beyond being just an artbook store; it consistently engages in developing experimental approaches and presents a model of social, cultural, and artistic interactions as a self-organized art/non-art space.


By Black Sheep

Table #81

By Black Sheep is the artist alias of Kailey Chin, a queer multidimensional artist hailing from Jamaica. By Black Sheep features works centering themes of transformation, love, and nostalgia. By Black Sheep features a selection of titles including “Jamaica22” and “The Food Industry Is Consuming Me.”


Calipso Press 

Table #59

Calipso press is a publishing studio and riso press founded by Eva Parra and Camilo Otero

In 2015 in Cali, Colombia and relocated to New York in 2021. We publish works where visual narratives predominate. Titles include Carnival Machine by Adam Green and Yo podría estar robando by Johan Samboni


Carmen Pizarro 

Table #88

Carmen Pizarro is a Latine Illustrator and Comics Creator based in NYC. They’ve self published comics and zine including comics, “Thirsty for Love” and “Color of Your Energy”. Along with creating other works such as prints, apparel and other printed goods.


Chang Yuchen *Sun Only* 

Table #11

Chang Yuchen create systems and encounters that expand the act of “reading” – from performing books to deciphering shapes and textures, even inventing a language.


Chelsea Akpan 

Table #82

Chelsea Akpan is a Texan cartoonist whose work is defined by its bold colors, wild shapes and expressive characters. LOVEFOOL, her current comic project, brings together her love for telenovelas, romance and cartoon absurdity. She also has other comics exploring similar topics.


Cloudy Cisneros 

Table #31

Cloudy Studios is an illustration and publishing platform founded by Claudia Cisneros. Located in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Cloudy Studios produces illustrations that are playful and meant to invoke a sense of wonder.


Clue Town 

Table #77

Clue Town was founded by Jay Carlson in Atlanta, GA. The company, now based in Maplewood, NJ, produces puzzle adventure booklets. Titles like Central Park Conservatory Water and Jersey City Waterfront are designed to explore outdoor locations with friends and loved ones.



Table #14

CMXXIV PUBLISHING produces zines and limited-edition posters, with future forays into art books and ephemera. We are a proudly Queer + Black platform with a foundational emphasis on showcasing work from underrepresented perspectives.


Cold Cube

Table #5

Cold Cube is a publication studio based in New York and Seattle.


Conveyor Editions 

Table #18

Conveyor Editions is an independent publishing platform founded by Christina Labey and Jason Burstein. Headquartered in New Jersey, Conveyor produces publications at the intersection of photography, science, natural history, with an occasional foray into the mysterious and metaphysical.


Christopher López 

Table #15 

Christopher López (b.1984), a Puerto Rican Lens-Based Artist, Educator, and Public Historian. Often exploring diminishing histories, his projects celebrate both the richness of culture and the inherent complexities of identity and place as they are experienced in Puerto Rico and the diaspora.


Current Editions 

Table #65

Current Editions (Emeryville, CA) celebrates micro histories, niche cultural expressions, and public discourse. An artist-run press formed by Jessalyn Aaland and Paul Morgan in 2017, our publications range from protests on San Francisco’s Market Street to New England’s contribution to target sports.


Digging Press 

Table #30

Digging Press is a publishing platform with a strong commitment to fostering experimentation and cultural inclusion in the realms of literature and visual arts. Headquartered in Maywood, NJ, Digging Press publishes chapbooks, poetry collections, and ephemera.


dispersed holdings 

Table #45

dispersed holdings is an artist-run platform for experimental publishing founded in 2015 by Sal Randolph and David Richardson. Originally sited in the former Bowery apartment of the artist Eva Hesse, dispersed holdings continues as a publication project focused on the space of the book.


Draw Down Books 

Table #57

Draw Down Books is a publishing platform founded by graphic designers Christopher Sleboda and Kathleen Sleboda (Nlaka'pamux). Based in New Haven and Boston, Draw Down produces and sells publications on graphic design, typography, illustration, architecture, and art.


Ellen Chao 

Table #27

Ellen Chao is an independent artist based in NYC. She produces DIY zines, comics, stickers, and illustrations. Her work features a selection of titles, including "A Dream About Houses" and the ongoing comic "Cat Gang Comix."


Emily Larned 

Table #76

Emily Larned (CT) has been publishing as an artistic practice since 1993, when she made her first zine. Recent projects include the feminist archives-focued imprint Alder & Frankia, and the artist organization Impractical Labor in Service of the Speculative Arts (ILSSA).


Foreshadow Publishing Group 

*Sat Only* 

Table #35

Foreshadow is a publishing platform founded by Wenjing Yang & Aoao Ying. Headquartered in Baltimore/Montreal, Foreshadow produces publications on books/zines and other print materials. Foreshadow features a selection of titles, including "Normalcy", "nainai", "Apotheosis".


Gallon Design

Table #9

Gallon Design, founded by Jialun Wang and Hongjie Chen, is a design studio that focuses on typography and design research. Headquartered in Boston and New York, Gallon Design has participated in several national art book fairs, showcasing a curated portfolio dedicated to diverse cultural narratives.


Garden State Press 

Table #29

Garden State Press is the project of two college friends trying to keep their creative juices flowing post-grad. Although our work is not all Jersey-related, we <3 our Jersey roots! Our work revolves around the mundane and navigating the corporate world. We make zines, posters, books, and stickers!



Table #1

GenderFail is a publishing, programing and archiving platform run solely by Be Oakley. GenderFail is not non-for-profit but profit-for-survival or profit-to-continue-our-work-without-other-means-of-capital and most importantly to make money for others I publish, to create profit-for-labor.


Ghost Dog Arts & Comics 

*Sat Only*

Table #24

Ghost Dog Arts and Comics is a New Jersey based artist collective founded by emerging illustrators Jonah Dunstan, Renee Ramos, Zachary Rios, Alec Kucere-Lavcinoska, and Fern Brown. They produce a variety of work ranging from animations, comics, and illustrations. Yeah they are pretty cool I guess.


Table #85

GoatPunch is a NYC-based comic artist with a background in science and education. They are interested in creating stories about monstrous unknown worlds, the joy of discovery, and love in all the forms it takes.


Gold Rain 

Table #94

Gold Rain (Querétaro, México) publishes artist books, catalogs, zines, editorial accidents, and other experimental books; in limited or spontaneous editions, mainly printed in risograph, and always in close contact with the authors and artists.


GONG PRESS *Sun Only* 

Table #56

GONG PRESS is an art publishing project by Qianfan, St. Jiu, and Yuki. It is named after the weapon “GONG (弓, bow)”: like a bow without an arrow, Gong Press exists in a state of quiet and dormant potency, ready to be activated through creative collaborations.


Gravel Projects *Sun Only*

Table #12

Gravel Projects is a publishing platform founded by Audra Wolowiec. Based between Newburgh, NY and NYC, Gravel Projects produces publications at the interstices of sound and language. Titles include collaborations with artists, musicians, and poets.


Harpy House Press *Sat Only*

Table #34

Harpy House Press is a Risograph press located in NYC that produces books, prints and zines in the realm of feminism, true crime, depth psych and spooky stuff.



Table #66

headmaster is the art magazine for man-lovers. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, it is edited by Matthew Lawrence and Jason Tranchida. Each issue of Headmaster features original projects by queer artists and writers from around the world.



Table #10

HEEHEEHAHA is a group that includes several unique and stylistic artists. We made zines, prints and stickers, etc.

inner loop press 

Table #71

inner loop press is a small risograph press located in Philadelphia. Operated by Tanya Brassie, it publishes zines, artists' books and posters touching upon all sorts of topics—from pollution to technology to daily life—thought to be interesting and relevant to the modern reader.


insert Press 

Table #62

Insert Press produces innovative art & literature in Los Angeles, CA. Above all, Insert Press endeavors to create dynamic conversations among the artistic disciplines and to support emerging artists and writers in the interest of contemporary arts and letters.


Ivy Zheyu Chen/UPON 

Table #6

UPON is a New York-based art and publishing studio founded by Ivy Zheyu Chen, with only one brief — Explore Anything for Fun and Experience. With appearances at art book fairs, our work has been collected by the Metropolitan Museum Library, Yale University Library, Whitney Museum, and many more.


Janet and Friends 

Table #8

Janet and Friends is a collective founded by Janet Solval. Brought together through shared spaces and art-making, the works selected are culled from friends met at school, work, art events, and friends of friends. Janet and Friends was started in Los Angeles and is currently based in Brooklyn.


Jersey Collective 

Table #75

Jersey Collective is a collection of New Jersey-related projects founded in 2014 by librarian and writer Kerri Sullivan. @jerseycollective began as a collaborative Instagram account and has since produced a sticker vending machine, small press, book club, and an anthology.


Joy Velasco Art 

Table #26

Joy Velasco Art is an illustrator, art model and cool guy. Based in Jersey City, her work is silly and personable, ranging from zines to prints to hand printed apparel. It'd be a JOY to check out her work!


Juan Madrid 

Table #39

Juan Madrid is a zine/book maker, photographer and visual artist based between Greenfield, MA and the Hudson Valley of NY. He self-publishes his own work and is a member of the collectives Los Sumergidos and GAUCHE, both of which work with artists in a variety of formats, including publications.



Table #61

KGP MONOLITH collaborates with artists to create limited edition publications and archival prints, focusing on contemporary photography and works on paper that address issues of race, identity, equity, gender, sexuality, and class.


Kim Hastreiter *Sat Only* 

Listening Lounge

Kim Hastreiter, cofounder of Paper Magazine will be offering up some of her wisdom in print and zine making. Come and get rare and collectible works by Ed Fella, Orleans Fella, Joey Arias, ThreeASFOUR, Cecilia Dean, as well as back issues of Paper Magazine, the iconic rag that set New York City’s 1990’s underground into motion in one magnificent spread after another.

La Horchata Zine 

Table #38

La Horchata Zine is an arts publication founded by Veronica Melendez and Kimberly Benavides based between Greenfield, MA and Washington D.C. LHZ features artists from Central America and from the Central American diaspora.


Laura Salgarolo *Sat Only*

Table #34

Laura Salgarolo is an illustrator, bookmaker, and printmaker whose work is steeped in folklore, the fantastical, and nature. She tells stories in a balance of words and images. Though inspired by myth and fantasy, she concentrates on minor magics and creates work that feels intimate in its fleeting


Letao Sun Art Studio 

Table #42

Letao Sun Art Studio is based in New York City and California founded by Letao Sun. They love to draw animals, plants, and human activities. Their works record bright moments from life by using vivid colors, shapes, and decorative elements.


Liberty Science Center 

Table #52

Liberty Science Center is a 300,000-square-foot learning center located in Liberty State Park on the Jersey City bank of the Hudson near the Statue of Liberty. The mission is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers and excite learners of all ages about the power, promise, and pure fun of science and technology.

Look Twice Studio 

Table #32

Look Twice Studio is an illustration collective developed by two best friends, Elise Miguel and Robyn Phelps. Headquartered in Essex County, NJ, Look Twice produces publications centered around friendship and a shared love of plants. Look twice features a selection of titles, including Soapy Friends



Table #72

MARMALADE’ is an interdisciplinary creative design business by Marlon Rajan. Experimenting with the overlap of digital design and traditional handcrafts, ‘MARMALADE’ navigates the modern world through web design, zine making and bookbinding, creative direction, and more.


Media Bitch 

Table #87

Aysen Gerlach is Media Bitch, a Philly based illustrator who explores and documents the world around her through a lens of playful and queer curiosity. Her titles include comics Food Stuff and No Denim, as well as the zine series Just Lookin’ which explores queer aesthetics in pop culture.


Mulu Catalog *Sun Only* 

Table #50

Mulu Catalog is an artist collective and publishing platform founded by Meiting Song, based in New York, New York. Mulu Catalog produces publications on illustration, photography, graphic design, and has a collection of selected works by Asian artists.



Table #89

MUYU is a cultural incubator founded by Yawati in Jersey City; unceded Munsee Lenape land. They foster connections and nurture an expanding definition of creative expression by organizing community markets, skill-shares and exhibitions that celebrate the richness of underrepresented histories.


Naan cül Press 

Table #17

Naan cül Press is a small publisher based in North Jersey that produces work in a variety of mediums, including printed matter, text, sound and video. Common threads between publications include observation, meditation, medium specificity and humor.


Narciso Espiritu 

Table #25

Narciso is a goon who makes pictures. His work is described as energetic, saturated, and “menacing." He is currently teaching illustration and comics classes at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.


New Poetics Publishing 

Table #13

New Poetics Publishing is an artist-run independent publisher based between Bogotá and New York, founded by Nechama Winston and Cristina Velásquez. We collaborate with emerging artists on contemporary and experimental approaches to photography in the book form. NPP is part of New Poetics of Labor.


New York Review of Architecture

Table #60

NEW YORK REVIEW OF ARCHITECTURE reviews architecture in New York. An independent magazine publishing six times a year, our writing is critical, engaging, and accessible to a wide range of readers, taking the buildings and cities we live in to task, with style and irreverent wit.


NOICE Magazine 

Table #63

NOICE is a photography publication and community that celebrates the unconventional and curious ways of seeing the world. We welcome submissions year-round and feature the works of talented artists on our website, and also in our unique, limited-edition photo books.


Olivia Fields 

Table #3

Olivia Fields is an African-American illustrator + printmaker based in Brooklyn, NY specializing in editorial, product design, and risograph. She has self published and printed a variety of merchandise and zines, with subjects including autobio, fashion, reflection, and transcendence.


Oranbeg Press 

Table #58

Oranbeg Press is an independent publisher based in Boston, MA and Brooklyn, NY. Oranbeg's books are a mixture of artist-created zines, photobooks, online media, and collaborative works. Our main goal is to promote the idea of "What is a book?" We use a variety of printing methods, unconventional mat


Paper Cuts 

Table #92

Paper Cuts is a podcast and publishing platform that documents the contemporary world of zines, book arts, comics, and small press publications.


Pearl Slug Studio 

Table #22

Pearl Slug Studio is an independent publishing house. Rooted in the Simplified Chinese and East Asian context, currently based in New York, Melbourne and Shanghai.


Pioneer Works Press 

Table #69

Pioneer Works Press is an award-winning imprint dedicated to supporting experimental and pathbreaking work from leading artists and writers in contemporary culture.



Table #67

PopPaper is a publishing platform founded by David Nicolato. It is headquartered in Verona, NJ. PopPaper produces publications on pop culture, art and short fiction.


Porch Water Press 

Table #16

Porch Water Press is a publishing house founded by Kenia Hale and Isa Escobar. Based in Lenapehoking (New Brunswick), Porch Water Press publications honor Black, Indigenous, Queer, Trans, and others claiming the margins as the center. Works include "The Water Behind Us" and the Porch Water Journal.


Punk Cat Press 

Table #73

Punk Cat Press is a woman-owned, Jersey City-based printmaking and graphic arts studio. Drawing from our decade of experience as professional comic book artists, we offer lovingly hand-pulled screen printed art along with comics, zines, and other graphically designed ephemera.


Sabii Borno 

Table #2

Sabii Borno is an Illustrator, and printmaker from Queens, NY who enjoys creating work about things familiar and unfamiliar to her. Sabii enjoys the printmaking process and tries to incorporate that into her work as much as she can.


Saint Lucy Books 

Table #64

Saint Lucy Books was founded by Mark Alice Durant in 2017. Based in Baltimore, SLB publishes elegant, idiosyncratic, and accessible books that combine words and images to celebrate contemporary photographic artists, and to explore the marginal, hidden, and parallel histories of photography


Satélite Books *Sat Only* 

Table #11

Satélite is an independent editorial platform that operates as a connector, a cosmic bridge, that spans the rich tapestry of Latin American Art and Design scenes. Rooted in the spirit of collaboration, Satélite stands as a beacon for emerging Artists, Designers, Researchers and Writers.


Sean Suchara 

Table #4

Sean Suchara is an Artist, Illustrator, and Designer working out of Seaford, New York. Through his practice, Sean produces publications, prints, clothes, and various small art objects, as a way to explore themes of perception, play, and our connection to the natural world.


Seaton Street Press 

Table #93

Seaton St. Press is an artist-run, independent artists’ books and publications project based in Hudson, NY. Seaton St. publishes and distributes titles that examine the intersections of site, language, and memory, including archival histories, social identities, and geographies.


Shannon Spence 

Table #84

Shannon Spence is a cartoonist, printmaker and medical technologist living in Jersey City, NJ but is originally from Hampton, VA. She founded the Comix Accountability Club and creates stories about punks, medicine, and fantasy to self-publish in risograph.


SMUSH Gallery 

Table #80

SMUSH Gallery is a creative and community art space in Jersey City, NJ. Since 2018, we have produced a wide and lovely range of art exhibits, performances, workshops, and community events, as well as a curated collection of zines and art books alongside other artful merchandise.


Soft Envy Press 

Table #53

Soft Envy Press is the publishing outlet of the artist Sasha de Koninck, whose practice spans multiple disciplines, including textiles, garments, sculpture, installation, writing, performance, and book arts.


Spectrum Inkwell 

Table #90

Spectrum Inkwell is a self publishing group consisting of three New York based emerging artists, Mingyi Gan, Yang Su, and Chalzea Xu. Spectrum Inkwell’s collective aims to present an eclectic and visually captivating array of printed matter, featuring mainly on poster prints and zines.


Squeeze Sour 

Table #40

Squeeze Sour is a project founded by Lin Wang and headquartered in New York/Zhuhai. Squeeze Sour gathers China-based creators who are occupied with nine-to-five jobs but keep making books. While our mundane world has tied us up, the sourness of the squeezing process deserves the bittersweet results


sserp press 

Table #55

sserp press is a zine publishing press founded by Vincent Yin. Based in NYC, sserp press enjoys self-reference, humor and joy from the act of printing, and will feature zines including “A Nine to five zinester’s Post-COVID Guide to stealing office supplies” and “The Eschatological Omni-Zine.”


The Whitney Review of New Writing *Sat Only* 

Table #34

The Whitney Review of New Writing is a biannual literary review featuring author interviews, essays, and book reviews. It was founded in 2023 by Whitney Mallett and is headquartered in Manhattan.


The Word Distro *Sun Only*

Table #57

We here at The Word are into the finer things in life - sports, cats, music, food, pencils and things like that. We are also all about other DIY related projects, things like music, art, pins and patches.


Trashy Dreams 

Table #78

Trashy Dreams is AKA Matt. Headquartered in Jersey City, Trashy Dreams produces comics, zines, sticker packs and other cool stuff. Trashy Dreams features a selection of titles, including the action/sci-fi spectacle, "AND SO..." and the hard-hitting dinosaur journalism fan-favorite "JURASSIC ZINE."


Two Cents Press 

Table #79

TWO CENTS PRESS is a printmaking arts residency and publisher founded by Franco Marinai. Publishes MAH! magazine, a skeptical limited editions artist magazine printed by letterpress with vintage metal and wood type and the active involvement of the participating artists who keep half the copies.


Uncensored New York 

Table #54

Uncensored New York is an art movement preserving transgression through multimedia distribution and public programming. We produce research based publications on the current state of censorship with releases from artists Samantha Sutcliffe, Joseph Cochran III and musician Death Dance Music.


untitled artwork(61) 

Table #37

untitled artwork(61) is a Chinese-American female artist collective based in New York City. Made up of award-winning illustrators, authors, and multimedia artists, it has a wealth of experience producing and distributing independent publications and has exhibited their work around the world.


Valley Books 

Table #91

Valley Books is a new photobook publisher founded by Drew Leventhal. Currently based in New Jersey, Valley is focused on slow publishing, emphasizing the hand made and the ephemeral. Our first two titles, Asterisms and GTTLAIWSY, were released in 2023.


Vyolet & More 

Table #36

Vyolet & More is a self-publishing platform founded by Vyolet Jin. Headquartered in Jersey City, Vyolet & More publishes artist's zines and collaboration publications. Vyolet & More features a selection of titles, including I'm not the Ice Cream Goddess, The Inexplicable Museum, etc.


Wah-Ming Chang 

Table #43

Wah-Ming Chang is a writer living and working in Brooklyn, New York. “Hand, Held,” her artist book about her father’s art and art practice, will be published by Bored Wolves in the spring of 2024. An installation of the same name that highlights drafts of work is ongoing in her home gallery.


WMN-Lesbian Art and Poetry 

*Sat Only* 

Table #50

WMN is a publication featuring underrepresented lesbian artists and poets founded by Jeanette Spicer, Florencia Alvarado and Sara Duell. Each issue features work by lesbians who historically do not get much representation within LGBTQIA+ media. Based in Ridgewood, Queens.